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We are more than just a staffing company. We believe that success is a result of happiness and happiness is achieved when opportunity meets passion. We pride in ourselves to be an integral part of making that happen.


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We have a comprehensive network of talented applicants, just for you!



Create a culture that reflects you and your companies values!



We pride ourselves on remaining a step ahead of our clients needs and desires!

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We are a dedicated group of people who attract, engage and retain talent through a culture which nurtures passion, happiness and success and who believe in developing careers, encouraging communication and honoring all commitments.

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We believe that there should only be one way to live and that is happily! We understand the importance of happy work environment. Higher happiness leads to fulfillment and greater productivity.

Salvador Abud, Jason Jimenez and Niraj Shah came together from diverse cultures but believe in same things. Successful in their own roles, they understand the only reason of that success is the happiness in performing roles they are passionate about. That understanding created a sense of obligation for them to create more of such happiness around the world.

The diverse cultures and individual client relationships created over long successful careers meant a perfect platform to liaise between opportunist and opportunity. Golden Rule HR Placement, LLC was born to make opportunity meet passion.

determining your goals!

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get the Best Candidates!

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Find the right job for you!

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Questions & Answers

Depends on the project. The average contract employees makes between $15-$35 an hour.

We are a full spectrum firm that can handle positions from general labor all the way to CEO. Our experience span across many industries. From technological to industrial, we work with companies of all specifications to provide temporary, seasonal, and long-term employees. Most staffing agencies are specific to an industry. We, however, hires employees for companies in a variety of industries, including:
Light Industrial
Data Entry
Customer Service
For the candidate and client we pride ourselves on finding the right person for the right position. The goal is to create a long term solution for both client and candidate and creating and positive work environment.
The length of a temporary assignment is completely dependent on the employer and the job at hand. Typically, temporary positions last one to three months, before the job is completed or the employer chooses to bring the employee on full-time. Once a temporary position is completed, employers may choose to hire an employee full-time. The employee would then become an employee of the company.

Working with a staffing agency saves companies valuable time and money. By outsourcing staffing, companies can focus on growing the business rather than interviewing and selecting hires. There is less risk involved when using an agency because staffing agencies pre-screen employees and assure quality hires. Working with our company allows our clients flexibility.

Sometimes unexplained and unexpected needs arise in the work place. Maybe someone is sick or needs a short term leave, we can fill that gap. This will allow your business to run seamlessly with out interruption.
When companies use a staffing agency, employees are technically employed by the agency.
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